Welcome to Reynolds Fine Art Gallery New Haven, CT

Robert Reynolds

Robert is the Curatorial Director and namesake
of Reynolds Fine Art. As a fine artist himself,
he understands the importance of enriching and
supporting the surrounding community through
the world of art. All of his work begins with his
sketchbook, which he carries with him at all times.
His sketches are a method of recording events,
memories, and moments that inspire him to paint.
His array of work involves the viewer in the experience
he has initially rendered in his sketchbook.



DeniseDenise Lysak

Denise Lysak is the Gallery Director and Art Consultant
at Reynolds Fine Art. As the Gallery Director, she is the
liaison between the community and the artists presented at
Reynolds Fine Art, as well as the spokesperson
representing the gallery. As an Art Consultant, she works
with a wide variety of clientele, both corporate and
residential, seeking either an individual work of art, or
many works that fit the needs of their environment.